The Rhythm of my Soul
The concept of this project is to present the different rhythms that make my musical personality. The concert starts out with a mellow vibe that quickly develops into an honest and profound approach to emotions. Each song stands strongly as an indivdual state of mind that is fully reflected lyrically as well as in its composition. Creating beauty through music is my goal. Dynamic, elegant and delicate.
Genre:  chamber pop, world

Phoebe Violet – vocals, violin
Martin Spitzer – guitar
Mathias Krispin Bucher – bass
Nikolai Tunkowitsch – violin
Bernhard Aichner – cello

According to Eurydice
The Tragic Story of Orpheus and Eurydice
The story of Orpheus and Eurydice is seldom told from another point of view. Here I present Eurydice’s side of the story. It all begins with the death of the nymph and recounts her journey in the Underworld. Told in the form of 6 chapters, the drammatic composition supplements the original love story without altering the wonders of the greek mythology.
Genre: classical, musical.

Phoebe Violet – vocals
Nikolay Oriniskiy – violin
Ivaylo Iordanov – bass