1988   Born in San José, Costa Rica.

At the age of…
3    Began violin lessons
4    Joined choir (6 years)
  Piano lessons (4 years)
7    Joined children’s orchestra (3 years)
10    Joined chamber orchestra (2 years)
12    Joined symphonic youth orchestra (2 years)
13    Began writing own songs and playing guitar
14    Moved to Autria, Linz; violin lessons in Musikschule der Stadt Linz
17    Competition Prima La Musica (1st prize Upper Austria), several solo concerts in Upper Austria (BrucknerHaus, Altes Kino St. Florian, Linzer Klangwolken, etc)
18    Moved to Vienna where I started working as a freelance musician
21    Created duo doubleBLU along with Tanja Peer (bass) (2 years)
23    Started solo project
24    First attempt at recording an album in Faultline Studios, San Francisco, California. Song “Me Voy” was the one song we managed to finish (watch music video)
26    Recorded first album The Rhythm of my Soul


At the age of…
4    Ballet lessons (10 years)
6    Flamenco and jazz dance (4 years)
7    Painting lessons
18    Started studying Architecture, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Zaha Hadid Class (1 year)
19    Continued studies in Technical University of Vienna (4 years)
26    Started studying Sociology in the Universtiy of Vienna