Photo by Andrea Peller


Phoebe Violet calls it “latin chamberpop”. Her new program Entre cielo y tierraBetween Heaven and Earth – explores the spectrum between reality and illusion. Classical, pop and latinamerican music come together to create a unique sound aesthetic supported by lyrics that profoundly question ideas of human behaviour.

Phoebe Violet – music / vocals / violin
Agata Sikorska – violin
Zsófia Günther-Mészaros – cello
Mathias Krispin Bucher – double bass

More coming soon. Stay tuned!

according to Eurydice

According to Eurydice is a musical myth that tells the tragic love story of Orpheus and Eurydice from the standpoint of Eurydice. The story begins with the death of the nymph and recounts her journey in the Underworld. Told in 6 scenes, the theatrical composition acts as an extension to the well known love story without altering Virgil’s original myth.

Phoebe Violet – music / visuals / concept
Agata Sikorska – violin
Ivaylo Iordanov – double bass